Special Service Fees

On-Site Seminar Fee
$ 125.00
Portfolio Submission Fee
$ 35.00
Portfolio Assessment Fee
(per credit hour)

$ 30.00

Re-Activation Fee
$ 50.00
Transcript Fee ( Shipping 5-10 Days )
Transcript Fee ( Shipping same Day )
$ 10.00
$ 15.00
Duplicate Diplomas
$ 50.00
Graducation Fee
$ 175.00
Returned Check Fee
$ 35.00
Monthly Payment Late Fee
$ 10.00
Overseas Student Fee
$ 200.00
Withdrawal Fee
$ 50.00
Change of Program Fee
$ 35.00
Complete Materials Replaced
$ 45.00

Special fees explained:

  • The On-Site Seminar Fees are required of each student taking a course for credit. This is necessary because of the added expense incurred to provide the seminar.
  • The Portfolio Assessment Fee is required for each credit converted from experiential learning and on-the-job training to college credit.
  • The Re-Activation Fee is charged to students who have dropped behind in their studies and have failed to communicate with the school over a six-month period.
  • The Overseas Student Fee covers other costs which arise when corresponding and providing educational services with students in a foreign country. This does not apply to Mexico, Canada, or A.P.O. / F.P.O. addresses.