Bethany Online

Bethany offers a full range of services through the use of computers. The number of colleges and universities offering some type of help through an on-line service is growing. Through a modem connection, students are able to tap into one of the most powerful and effective ways of learning ever developed. In addition to the normal methods of study offered by Bethany, students now receive an unparalleled convenience of attending the classroom right in their homes.

Students on-line with Bethany are able to send lessons via electronic file transfer providing much faster service. The time required returning a grade is greatly reduced. By use of the computer to prepare and store work in several different formats, finished products can be sent to Bethany via E-mail. Twice each workday, Bethany accesses its E-mail and downloads files for grading. This method also allows students to contact professors and ask questions of the administration.

Bethany offers a virtual classroom much like a traditional classroom setting. The student receives weekly lectures. Homework assignments are made and submitted by electronic mail (E-mail). This classroom method used allows input from not only the instructor but also fellow classmates. Together students discuss issues, share ideas and glean from the experience of each other. Essentially, all the benefits of an in-class education can be enjoyed without the inconvenience of traveling back and forth from home to school. The classes offered via Internet are not real-time classes. With this approach to study, students will be able to get their classrooms 24 hours a day, seven days a week from virtually anywhere in the world. NOTE - Although limited classes are currently being offered, plans are being made to increase the number of courses offered in this manner. Because there are a limited number of classes being offered, a student cannot complete their entire program on-line.

As a student, you may request your personal e-mail address to be added to our student directory. This unique technology makes it possible to place at the student's finger tips an opportunity to build friendships with fellow students not just in the United States, but around the world. These friendships allow students to discuss schoolwork, swap sermon and teaching ideas and so on. Sharing experiences and information facilitates the development of a wonderful base of information that is only a keyboard away.

Bethany has established its own Internet presence. At Bethany's web site, anyone may access our on-line information, view research materials and books in our virtual library, and participate in an Internet Newsgroup to discuss a number of different topics.