Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. 60 credits required.

Ans. 120 credits required.

Ans. All Master’s degrees require 36 SH credits, except the Master of Theological Studies which requires 60 SH credits.

Ans. A total of no less than 54 credits are required beyond a 36 SH Master’s degree. It is suggested that the student who is desiring to earn a doctoral degree, enroll for a second Master’s degree and allow those credits to apply toward the doctoral degree. Once this is done, the student would like only an additional 24 credits for the doctoral degree. This allows the student to enroll into the doctoral program without obligating himself to pay all at one time, tuition for a complete doctoral program.

Ans. The student may submit his or her lessons by regular mail, or by email. Submitting course work by email will save on postage, and make grading easier and much faster.

Ans. All completed course work submitted by regular mail, shall be done on 8 ½ X 11 inch sheets of paper, written only on one side. All work should be typed, but handwritten lessons may be accepted, but must be neat and legible. When the student submits lessons by regular mail, he or she must provide a large envelope with the correct return postage for returning the graded lessons.

Ans. Bethany recommends that a student try to complete a three-credit course subject within 30 to 45 days. This will allow the student to keep pace with the on-campus students. However, the student is not limited to 30-45 days, and may take more time if needed. If more time is needed the student is asked to contact the school at least every 30 days and make a progress report.

Ans. Should the student fail to submit lessons, or to correspond with Bethany, making a progress report, at least once during a 90-day period, the student will be placed on an inactive list and will be required to pay a $50.00 reactivation fee. Should the student enroll for a program of study and does not complete any work over a 2 year period, the student will then be considered dropped and to renew an active status, he or she must re-enroll. When re-enrolling after being dropped, the student will enroll under any changes that have been made in the program or tuition cost.

Ans. Students wishing to withdraw from a program of study must do so within 15 days after receiving the course materials. Such students must call or notify the school of their intent to withdraw, secure approval, and follow up in writing and return all course materials sent to the student. If this procedure is followed, all monies paid by the student to the college will be returned except the $45.00 application/evaluation fee, the $50.00 matriculation fee, the $50.00 withdrawal fee and the $35.00 PLA fee. If a student withdraws without the consent of the college, Office of the Dean, or if the withdrawal is requested after the 15 days have expired, no refund will be made. Failure to contact the school or submit lessons does not constitute a withdrawal.

Ans. The student should allow three to four weeks from the time the lessons are mailed until they are returned after grading. Lessons that are submitted by email are usually graded within a seven-day period.