Financial Information

Both the college and seminary divisions require that all fees and tuition be paid in full at the time of enrollment. However, if an installment plan is needed, one of the following may be requested. (Should a payment plan be selected, the student becomes liable for the full amount.

Pay as you go. The student may enroll and pay for each course. There are NO Discounts or Scholarships allowed with this plan.

Should the student elect to pay the account in full with the application for minimum of 30 hours, the student receives a 20% discount from the tuition cost only. It does not apply to any accompanying fees and no other discounts are applicable..

Should the student elect to make monthly installments, the student is allowed to make a down payment of $150.00 with their application and the balance is drafted through the Bethany's Tuition Management Program. The Student is allowed 12 monthly payments. The application must be signed and mail to the college for FINAL APPROVAL. Limited scholarships may apply.

Important Notice Concerning Handling of Accounts

  • Foreign Students must use U.S. Postal Money Orders ONLY. The only exception to this is for students enrolled and working through the Canadian Office. Such students pay all fees and tuition in Canadian currency.
  • Students electing to use one of the payment plans will not receive a diploma or degree at graduation time unless their accounts have been paid in full and all indebtedness with the institution has been cleared.
  • The $45.00 Application/Evaluation Fee can be applied toward the down payment.
  • If a student enrolls for a 60-hour program, the entire program must be paid through one installment plan rather than through two 30-hour installments.

Refunds Information

Students wishing to withdraw from the college or drop a program of study must do so within 30 days after receiving the course materials. Such students must call and notify the college of their intent to withdraw, secure approval, follow-up in writing, and return all materials to the college. If the procedure is followed, all monies paid to the college will be returned according to the refund chart below. The following will not be refunded to the student: Academic Fee, Application Fee, Evaluation Fee, Matriculation Fee, and PLA Fee. If a student withdraws without the consent of the college president or Administrative Dean, or if the withdrawal is requested after the 30 days have expired, NO refund will be made.

Bethany's tuition is kept to an absolute minimumn an effort to put a Bible education in reach of any serious minded student. The following charges, fees, and the appropriate tuition will be required for each program.

Refund of tuition is as followed:

From 11-17 days from enrollment 80%
From 18-23 days from enrollment 60%
From 24-30 days from enrollment 40%
After 30 days from enrollment 0%

Students are reminded that signing the Application constitutes a legal contract with Bethany Divinity College and Seminary



The Spousal Scholarship is set up for only husbands and wives who wish to study during the same time frame. The institution will charge the regular fee to the spouse that is in the higher-level degree program. The spouse in the lower or same level of study may receive a 50% discount on tuition only. It does not apply to fees such as the Application, Graduation, Matriculation, and Portfolio Learning Assessment fees.

1) The scholarship is effective only if the tuition discounted spouse enrolls in the program within 90 days of the enrollment of the paying spouse.

2) If a paying spouse withdraws from the school, the tuition discounted spouse must also withdraw or convert to a paid program.

3) The paying spouse must enroll for a minimum of 30 semester hours. Part-time students who pay for less than 30 hours are ineligible.

4) Should the paying spouse enroll for a program requiring more than 30 semester hours, the tuition discounted spouse is allowed only 30 hours. Any credits taken above the 30-hour limit must be paid for separately.

5) The Spousal Discount may not be combined with any other Bethany grants, discounts, or scholarships.

A former Bethany student has made this scholarship available. It is a limited Pioneer Pastor Scholarship Fund created to assist pastors over the age of 55 who are in need of financial assistance. Those who feel they qualify are asked to contact the Dean of Students. This should be done in writing, explaining the financial situation and desire to study.