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Meet our Faculty . . .


The Academic Board:
L to R: Dr. Samuel V. Shuemake; Carl W. Warden; Dr. Edison Wiltshire

President  - Samuel V. Shuemake, B.A.Sc., D. Litt.
Dean of Students &
Administrative Dean - Carl W. Warden, Ph.D.
Dean of Undergraduate Studies - Phillip W. Hunter, D. Th.
Director Of Canadian and
International Affairs - Edison E. Wiltshire, Ph. D. 
Dean of Graduate and Post Graduate Studies
Dean of Graduate and Post Graduate
Curriculum Development - J.D. O'Donnell, Th.D
Office Manager - Wendy Shuemake, B. A., M.A.R., Ph. D.
Financial Officer - Sylvia Green

Board of Reference

Dr. Ralph Sexton, Jr., Asheville, NC
Dr. Lee Roy Dalrymple, Middleburg, FL
Dr. Stephen L. Faith, New Albany, IN
Dr. Herbert Gaddy, Greenville, SC
Dr. Philip W. Hunter, Owensboro, KY
Dr. Jerry Spencer, Savannah, TN
Dr. Richard G. Windom, Jr., Middleburg, FL

Dr. Tawanna Hall: General Education
Dr. Lynn Miley: Missions & Religious Education
Dr. Tom Nash: Divinity, Ministry
Dr. Carl W. Warden: Counseling
Dr. Edison E. Wiltshire: Ministry / Counseling
Dr. Phillip W. Hunter: Pastoral Ministry / Bible