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Systematic Theology Courses


Th-701 Prolegomena, Bibliology, Theology - 3 SH Credit 

The purpose of this course in systematic theology is to provide the student with an in-depth study of prolegomena and Bibliology.  The student will study the definition of theology, the different types of theology and the major divisions of theology; the supernatural origin of the Scriptures as to their general structure; concluding with and introduction to theology proper. The objective of this study is to enhance the student’s ability to be more conversant and knowledgeable of the issues that are raised regarding these doctrines. These issues relate to the subject areas of a general understanding of theology as to various definitions; the supernatural origin of the Bible as to revelation, inspiration, on down to preservation.

Th-702 Angelology, Anthropology, Hamartiology - 3 SH Credit 

The purpose of this course is to direct the student into an in-depth survey of angelology, which includes a study of Satan and demonology; anthropology, a research into the doctrine of man, his origin, state of innocence, and his fall; Hamartiology, a study of sin and its consequence. The objective of this course is to have the student who successfully completes this course to have an intellectual grasp of the teaching of the Scripture in relationship to the angels, Satan and his work, the origin and fall of man and the results of the fall.

Th-703 Soteriology - 3 SH Credit 

The purpose of this course is to give the student a full and comprehensive understanding of Soteriology, which is salvation, as it relates to the person and work of Jesus Christ; the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation; and the believers position in Christ. The objective of this course is to have the student who successfully completes this study to have a comprehensive understanding of the person and work of Christ, and the Holy Spirit, as He relates to salvation.

Th-704 Ecclesiology, Eschatology - 3 SH Credit 

The purpose of this course is to set forth the teachings of the Bible in regards to ecclesiology and eschatology. The first is a study of the church and the second a study of things to come as they relate to Christ’s Second Coming. The objective of this course is to provide the student with a clear understanding of the church as to its origin, its function, its ordinances, and its mission.  In relation to the study of things to come, the objective is to provide a foundation on which the student might continue to study prophecy and future events.

Th-705  Christology - 3 SH Credit

Provides the student with in in-depth study on the preexistence of Jesus the Son of God, and His deity, incarnation, the hypostatic union, and God the Holy Spirit. The objective of this course is to provide a directed study whereby the student will have a comprehensive and a cohesive understanding of these subjects.

Th-706  Pneumatology - 3 SH Credit 

Provides the student with an in-depth study of Pneumatology or the Holy Spirit. The study is threefold: 1) a study of its bearing on Theology Proper, or the general doctrines related to the divine Spirit – Holy Spirit; 2) a study of the doctrine of angelic beings both unfallen and fallen in so much as restricted to what is generally recognized as the strictly theological aspects of Pneumatology; and 3) the specific study of the immaterial part of man, which division of the subject is now termed psychology.  The objective of this course is, after successful completed, to give the student a fuller comprehension of the Holy Spirit.

Th-708  Thesis - 6 SH Credit 

Allows the student to develop his or her ability to do research and present this research in a systematic, logical, and comprehensive manner. The student is required to research an area of theology and present a thesis of no less than 20,000 words in the form of two hardbound copies to the Seminary. The Seminary will keep one copy and the other copy will be returned to the student.  The title of the thesis and subject matter to be covered must be presented to the Dean for approval prior to beginning the research project. It is required of the student that his or her work should be of such quality that it would be publishable. The objective of this assignment is to develop in the student the abilities to produce a major writing project from initiation to closure. After successfully completing this course the student should be able to conduct proper research, prepare bibliographies, illustrate the proper use of quotations, correctly document the use of selected materials including footnotes, and in conclusion present a publishable piece of material.