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NCCA Curriculum - Undergraduate Courses

The following courses are from the curriculum of the National Christian Counselor’s Association. They differ from the regular Christian counseling courses and are required at the Bachelor’s level and above. The Dean has to be contacted for these counseling courses.  IMPORTANT: Note Cc-205 is a prerequisite to these courses.

Psy-301 Basic Christian Counseling - 3 SH Credit 
Directs the student into a clear understanding of the difference between Christian and secular counseling. Briefly introduces different theories of counseling.

Psy-400 Temperament Orientation - 0 SH Credit 
This is a video lecture on the procedure of administering the T.A.P. test.

Psy-401 Introduction to Christian Psychology and Counseling - 3 SH Credit 
Introduces the student to terms of Temperament Theory and Therapy and looks at the basic temperaments.

Psy-403 Temperament Theory - 3 SH Credit 
An introduction to the basic temperaments and how they affect the areas of inclusion, control, and affection, as well as what they are and how they differ from one another.

Psy-405 Temperament Therapy - 3 SH Credit 
Examines a practical application to counseling the different types of temperaments, including knowledge and procedure.

Psy-406 Creation Therapy - 3 SH Credit
Creation Therapy is a therapeutic approach to counseling that deals with the inner man rather than outer manifestations or problems. This course is excellent for lay persons and ministers not majoring in counseling, yet desires a tool to assist in identifying the "hidden" problems and how to counsel those who turn to you for help.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: All NCCA courses require additional material fees above the regular fees normally charged by the institution.  For more information on cost, please contact the college office.