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Graduate and Postgraduate Courses


Cc-501 Anxiety and Compulsive Disorders 
3 SH Credit 
Seeks to understand those with eating and obsessive compulsive disorders.

Cc-507 Premarital Counseling - 3 SH Credit 
The Christian Counselor is presented with those things he should know about counseling with couples that are engaged.

Cc-508 Competent to Counsel - 3 SH Credit 
Approaches the art of counseling through a study of past methods and theories, the working of the Holy Spirit in counseling, the sin problems, principles of counseling, and getting involved in counseling.

Cc-509 Comparative Counseling - 3 SH Credit 
Directed research to explore and compare different approaches to Christian counseling.

Cc-511 Nouthetic Counseling - 3 SH Credit 
Studies the persons involved in counseling, as well as the presuppositions and principles. The student will also look into the practice and process in counseling.

Cc-512 Directed Reading - 3 SH Credit 
Pursues an area of Christian Counseling through reading books, periodicals, and writings. He then presents his work to Bethany. These readings are under the direction of an assigned professor.

Cc-513 Independent Research - 3 SH Credit

Cc-514 Christian Marriage - 3 SH Credit
Provides the student with materials in counseling those wanting guidelines for the wise selection of a mate and preparation for a strong and happy marriage.

Cc-601 Christian Counselor’ Casework
3 SH Credit
Presented with cases of counseling whereby the student may have access to actual counseling experience. Prerequisites for this course include Cc-528 and Cc-531.

Cc-602 Effective Biblical Counseling - 3 SH Credit 

Cc-603 Listening and Human Personality
3 SH Credit

Cc-604 Counseling and Addiction - 3 SH Credit

Cc-605 Psychology of Counseling - 3 SH Credit 
A study of professional techniques for the pastors, teachers, youth leaders, and all who are engaged in the comparable art of counseling.

Cc-606 Christian Counseling - 3 SH Credit 
Deals with effective Biblical counseling, the family, and marriage conflicts.

Cc-701 Psychological Research - 3 SH Credit 
Pursues an area of Psychology through reading books, periodicals, and writings. He then presents his work to Bethany. These readings are under the direction of an assigned professor.

Cc-701 Psychology and Counseling - 6 SH Credit 
Takes a “Wholistic” approach to the study of human behavior.  The student studies human nature and human motivation, becoming a whole person, basic causes of psychological problems, helping people become whole, and helping families grow.  This course is required of all doctoral candidates in Christian Counseling.

Cc-801 Counseling Internship - 3 SH Credit 
Required to associate himself with a Christian Counseling whereby he can gain first-hand knowledge of counseling.  The preceding requirement may be substituted for a study on establishing a counseling center and submitting case histories of personal counseling sessions.

Cc-802 Thesis - 6 SH Credit 
Required to research the area of Christian Counseling and present a thesis of no less than 20,000 words in the form of two hardbound copies to the Seminary. The Seminary will keep one copy and the other copy will be returned to the student. The title of the thesis and subject matter to be covered must be presented to the Dean for approval prior to beginning the research project.