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Ministries in Missions - Undergraduate Courses

Mi-101 Evangelism - 3 SH Credit 
This course deals with the doctrine of salvation and the method of approaches in presenting salvation to the unsaved.  The student learns how to lead one to the saving knowledge of Christ and how to deal with difficult cases.

Mi-103 Missions - 3 SH Credit 
Acquaints the student with basic missionary principles, purposes, and activities. It is expected to lead the student to intelligent cooperation with the church's missionary program and to instill a missionary vision.

Mi-201 Bible Basis of Missions - 3 SH Credit 
Designed to discover the Biblical foundations for missions.

Mi-202 Evangelism Seminar (Video)
2 – 4 SH Credit

Mi-301 Missions Research Project 
3 SH Credit 
Designed to allow the student to select an area of work in the local church and work under the local pastor, or an area in missions, whereby he can get in service training. 

Mi-303 Church Building Seminar 
1 – 3 SH Credit

Mi-401 Indigenous Church Building 
3 SH Credit

Mi-401 Missionary Life and Work 
3 SH Credit 
An approach is made to acquaint the prospective missionary with the life and work of a missionary on the field. A look at the daily life, activities, and problems are explored.

Mi-402 Directed Reading 
1 – 3 SH Credit 
Pursues an area of Missions through reading books, periodicals and writings. He then presents his work to Bethany. These readings are under the direction of an assigned professor.

Mi-403 Cross Cultural Communication 
3 SH Credit 
Endeavors to examine the art of communicating Christ to other cultures and the problems faced by missionaries.

Mi-404 Cross Cultural Church Planting 
3 SH Credit
Examines the necessary elements of starting churches in other cultures.