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Graduate and Postgraduate Courses


Pm-501 Seminar - 3 –64 SH Credit

Conducted on campus at Bethany whereby all students may attend. The faculty announces the dates of these seminars.

Pm-502 Church Ministry - 3 SH Credit

Designed to prepare the student with a working knowledge of ministering in the local church. How to perform the various functions required of the pastor is presented to the student.

Pm-503 Pastoral Workshop - 3 SH Credit

Designed to allow the pastoral student working on the master’s level to conduct an independent research project in a given area of the ministry, which would aid the student in an area most beneficial to him.

Pm-504 Independent Research - 3 SH Credit

The pastoral student is allowed to research the area of ministry preparing a research report containing a minimum of 10,000 words.

Pm-505 Directed Reading I - 1 – 3 SH Credit

Pursues an area of Pastoral Ministry through reading books, periodicals and writings. He then presents his work to Bethany. These readings are under the direction of an assigned professor.

Pm-506 Prison Chaplaincy - 3 SH Credit

Understanding prison culture inside and out.

Pm-601 Seminar - 3 –6 SH Credit

Pm-602 Pastoral Leadership - 3 SH Credit

For those working towards a doctorate and is designed to provide the student with skills in leadership and management.

Pm-603 Advanced Homiletics - 3 SH Credit

An advanced course in homiletics and is designed to aid the student in sermon preparation. Being able to prepare sermons is one of the main concentrations of the preacher.

Pm-604 Pastoral Ministry - 3 SH Credit

A seminary course offered to those who are seeking a doctorate degree and provides the student with knowledge of general church problems and solving them.

Pm-605 Expository Preaching - 3 SH Credit

Designed to help the preacher to effectively develop the style of Biblical expository preaching in regards to study, development, and outlining. The expository method allows the student to deal with some book or extended portion of Scriptures.

Pm-606 Pastoral Administration - 3 SH Credit

The requirement of today's pastor necessitates knowledge of church administration. Seeks to provide the minister with these skills.

Pm-607 Independent Work Project - 3 – 6 SH Credit

Designed for the student who is working on a doctorate in ministry. He is allowed to develop an independent work project whereby he designs, puts together, and performs the project. This is done in one of the areas of the ministry. Approval from the Dean is required before the candidate begins work on the project. If the student is not a pastor, the project must be done under the supervision of the student’s pastor.

Pm-608 Pastoral Practicum - 3 – 6 SH Credit

Allows the candidate for the doctorate in ministry to labor under the direction of a senior pastor or perform on-the-job training. To enroll in this course, the candidate must obtain permission from the Dean of Students.

Pm-609 Directed Reading - 1 – 3 SH Credit

Pursues an area of study in Pastoral Ministry on the Doctoral level through reading books, periodicals and writings. He then presents his work to Bethany. These readings are under the direction of an assigned professor.

Pm-711 Pastoral Thesis - 6 SH Credit

The student is required to research the area of Pastoral Ministry and present a thesis of no less than 20,000 words in the form of two hardbound copies to the Seminary. The Seminary will keep one copy and the other copy will be returned to the student. The title of the thesis and subject matter to be covered must be presented to the Dean for approval prior to beginning the research project.