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Studies in Christian Counseling - Undergraduate Courses

Allows the student of Ministry to prepare for a counseling ministry within the confines of the local church, or as the Lord may lead.

Cc-201  Basic Principles of Counseling - 2 SH Credit 
Presents the basic principles of counseling through a balanced view of people, problems, and solutions.

Cc-203  How to Counsel - 3 SH Credit 
Studies the four-step Biblical process of counseling. The student also studies on how to help people change.

Cc-20Marriage Building - 3 SH Credit 
Presents a Biblical view of marriage. Attention will be given to the essential building blocks needed to construct a marriage.

Cc-205  Controlled Temperament - 3 SH Credit

Cc-301  Concepts for Counseling - 3 SH Credit 
Allows the student to explore the basic concepts of counseling.

Cc-332  Theology of Christian Counseling –
3 SH Credit 
Connects Biblical doctrine with practical living. The student will gain insight into the rich, theological framework that supports and directs a Biblical approach to counseling.

Cc-303  Reality Therapy 
3 SH Credit 
For the Christian counselor who is ready to sift, evaluate, test, and try out ideas and techniques that will enhance the enterprise of Biblical counseling and contribute to a more effective ministry of counseling in the church.

Cc-304  Directed Reading 
1 – 3 SH Credit 
Pursues an area of Counseling through reading books, periodicals and writings. He then presents his work to Bethany. These readings are under the direction of an assigned professor.

Cc-401 Counseling Techniques - 3 SH Credit 
Examines various techniques and innovative approaches to Christian counseling including Cognitive Therapy Techniques.

Cc-403 Counseling Depression and Marriage 
3 SH Credit 
Requires the use of two textbooks. In the first book, the student will gain an understanding of depression at different age levels and how to approach this problem in a counseling situation. In the second book, the student will look at the area of guilt and view different behavioral and problem-solving approaches to guilt.

Cc-405 Counseling Alcohol & Substance Abuse 
3 SH Credit 
Requires the use of two textbooks. In the first, the student is presented with material concerning God and alcoholics.  In the second book, the student will expand their knowledge in the general area of substance abuse and addiction.

Cc-406 Counseling in Crisis - 3 SH Credit 
Requires the use of two textbooks. In the first, the student will gain a knowledge of counseling the chronically, psychiatrically, and terminally ill, as well as the ministry in times of sickness. In the second book, the student will look at other types of crises including health-related, people, life cycle, financial, and spiritual crises. Also covered are techniques for crisis intervention.

Cc-407 Counseling Sexual Problems - 3 SH Credit 
Presents a study of sexual disorders and problems that couples face in their intimate relationships. Attention is also given to counseling the individual that claims to be a homosexual.

Cc-408 Guilt and Self-control - 3 SH Credit 
Presents a study of the problems of guilt and self-control.

Cc-409 Violence, Abuse, and Self-esteem 
3 SH Credit 
Deals with abusive relationships and the resultant low self-esteem of the victims.
Cc-410 Counseling Ethics - 3 SH Credit 
Views the Biblical ethics and the need for ethical behavior by the Christian Counselor.