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Christian Education Related II
Studies in Religion Courses


Rel-601 Jewish History I - 3 SH Credit 
A study of the antiquities of the Jews beginning with creation through the Jews’ departure out of Babylon where they were held in captivity. The student follows the history of the Jewish nation.

Rel-602 Jewish History II - 3 SH Credit 
A continuation of Rel-631, the student studies the ways of the Jews, beginning with Antiochus Epiphanes who took Jerusalem until the taking of Jerusalem by Titus in 70 A.D.  Both Sections I and II are required of the student when studying this section of Jewish history.

Rel-603 World Religions - 3 SH Credit 
A comprehensive study of world religions from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to the present day primal religions and the great religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Rel-604 Bible Archaeology - 3 SH Credit 
Pursues a comprehensive study of Biblical archaeology, which allows one to study the most recent findings as well as the “Cities of Judah.”

Rel-605 Religion in America I - 3 SH Credit 
A documentary history of religion in America, which extends from the period prior to European settlement through the colonial period, up to the Civil War.

Rel-606 Religion in America II - 3 SH Credit 
A continuation of Rel-635 that traces the history of American religion from 1865 to present day. A look at the various religious beliefs during this time period is made as well as the major individuals, movements, and themes in American religion.

Rel-701 History of Christianity - 3 SH Credit 
History of Christianity is a clear and stimulating study of the Christian faith, from its earliest beginnings to the present. It takes the student from its earliest days to the late twentieth century.

Rel-702 Directed Reading - 1 – 3 SH Credit 
Pursues an area of study in Religion through reading books, periodicals and writings. He then presents his work to Bethany.  These readings are under the direction of an assigned professor.

Rel-703 Life & Times of Christ I - 3 SH Credit 
Presents the preparation of the world for the Gospel and allows the student to see the Jewish world in the days of Christ. The student also learns many of the customs of that day and how the Scripture relates to the custom.

Rel-704 Life & Times of Christ II - 3 SH Credit 
A continuation of Rel-733, taking the student from the midst of Christ’s ministry where Jesus visits Sychar through the remaining days of His ministry. To enroll into this course, the student is required to have completed Rel-733.

Rel-705 Old Testament Bible History I - 3 SH Credit 
An exhaustive study of Old Testament history from the Garden of Eden to the Davidic Kingdom.

Rel-706 Old Testament Bible History II
3 SH Credit
A continuation of the previously listed course. This course is a history of the Hebrew people from the birth of Solomon until the Babylonian captivity.

Rel-702 Thesis - 6 SH Credit 
The student is required to research the area of Religion and present a thesis of no less than 20,000 words in the form of two hardbound copies to the Seminary. The Seminary will keep one copy and the other copy will be returned to the student. The title of the thesis and subject matter to be covered must be presented to the Dean for approval prior to beginning the research project.