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Studies in Christian Education
Graduate and Postgraduate Level

Ce-501 Teaching Internship - 3 – 6 SH Credit 
Allows the student to receive credit for on-the-job training while working in Christian education or a Christian day school. A letter of certification must be submitted to the school from the student’s employer.

Ce-502 Introduction to Christian Education 
3 SH Credit 
Introduces the student to various aspects of Christian education.  Any student desiring to teach or administer Christian education should complete this course.

Ce-503 History of Christian Education - 3 SH Credit 
The history of Christian education takes the student from the beginnings of Christian education up until the present day. This course is required for Christian Education majors.

Ce-504 A Theology of Christian Education
3 SH Credit 
A survey and an exploration of the foundations of Christian education, the curriculum in Christian education, and the structures for Christian education.

Ce-505 Directed Reading - 1 – 3 SH Credit 
Pursues an area in Christian Education through reading books, periodicals and writings. He then presents his work to Bethany.  These reading are under the direction of an assigned professor.

Ce-506 Educational Work Project - 3 SH Credit 
(See description of Ce-437)

Ce-508 Independent Research - 3 SH Credit 
Allowed to research a given area in the field of Christian Education. One must request permission from the Dean and submit the subject intent. The project should contain no less than 10,000 words.

Ce-509 The Art of Teaching - 3 SH Credit

Ce-630 Seminar - 1 – 3 SH Credit

Ce-601 Internship - 6 SH Credit 
Allows the Christian Education major to labor under the guidance of the local pastor or a director of a Christian day school whereby one learns through on-the-job training.

Ce-702 Thesis - 6 SH Credit 
Required to research the area of Christian Education and present a thesis of no less than 20,000 words in the form of two hardbound copies to the Seminary. The Seminary will keep one copy and the other copy will be returned to the student. The title of the thesis and subject matter to be covered must be presented to the Dean for approval prior to beginning the research project.