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Bethany's Albany Connection Director

Dr. Bill Edge, Sr.

Coordinator Of The

Albany Connection









Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr.

Founder of Albany, GA





Albany, Georgia Office

The Albany Divinity College Campus (originally known as Center) was established in Albany, Georgia during the summer of 1988. Its first class consisted of nine students who registered the third Saturday in August. At its inception, the Center consisted of video instruction with Dr. Sherman serving as class monitor. With the rapid growth in attendance and varying student interests, the instructional program was expanded to include instruction by on-campus teachers. Dr. Sherman taught the first class, but soon found it necessary to acquire the services of adjunct professors.

The Albany Campus provides an opportunity for students to obtain a Bible based education while maintaining full time employment and without having to drive nearly two hundred miles ( round trip ) to study at our main college campus.

The instructional modality encompasses residential/classroom study, directed study ( originally known as correspondence) and occasionally scheduled seminars. The Albany Campus has total responsibility for the recruitment, advisement, teaching, counseling, and monitoring the academic matriculation of its students. Upon the fulfillment of all requirements for graduation, the students’ recorded are carried to the main campus in Dothan for review and inclusion on the list of graduates. No degrees are issued at the Albany Campus; instead students must either attend the commencement exercise in Dothan or graduate in absentia.

The Albany Campus has students from the Southwestern area of Georgia and the Northeastern area of Florida. As of June 2007, the Albany Campus has graduated 295 students. Its graduates are serving as pastors, evangelists, teachers, counselors, administrators, chaplains, and lay leaders in churches. The Albany Campus has a National Alumni Association of Bethany / Albany students along with regional four (4) chapters based upon the geographical areas of its students.

In the fall of 2008, The campus in Albany, Georgia entered the third decade of existance and schooling in Bible-based studies and tehological degrees.


Dr. Bill Edge, Sr. ( Coordinator of Albany Connection )

Master Graduate School of Theology, D. Th.
Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, D. M.

Dr. Iris W. Davis ( Mission Studies )

Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, D. M.
George State University, M. S

Dr. Raymond Andrews ( Pastoral Studies )

Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, D. M.
Business Management, Albany State University, B.S.

Rosa Malone, Chief Financial Officer / Records

Georgia South Western University, B. S.